Kid Bunk Beds

Who Knew Beds Could Be This Fun?

All hail the invention of the bunk bed. They’re tremendously fun for kids (the question of top bunk or bottom bunk is all too important), and for adults, they’re a huge space-saver. Kid bunk beds come in all shapes and sizes. Some have built-in storage, some have desks, and some have a larger bottom bunk meant for older kids, while others are more suited for younger ones.

Don’t know where to start when it comes to buying the best bunk bed for your kids? Here’s a quick guide to some of the top-rated bunk beds around.

Best Bunk for Storage and Desk: Ikea Smastad Loft Bed

Older kids need a place for schoolwork and storage, so why not combine a bunk bed with an ideal study space and get a fabulous loft bed? Look no further than Ikea, the store that has it all. The Ikea Smastad Loft Bed is a raised twin bed (hello, top bunk) and a desk with plenty of storage that fits underneath.

The desk is outfitted with three drawers, and storage cubbyholes are included that line the side of the bunk bed behind the ladder. The Smastad Loft Bed is $678 and is available in a slew of colors, from white to even pink or green.

Most Fun Bunk Bed: Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin Bunk Bed with Slide

Yes, you read that right—a bunk bed with a slide. It’s amazing what they make these days. While a bunk bed with a slide may seem a little extra, imagine the fun your child will have with the added bonus of actually being tired for bed. It’s made of solid wood with a twin-over-twin design. This whimsical furniture piece is $669 at the retailer Max and Lily (but can be found on Amazon for cheaper at $410).

Best Classic Bunk Bed: Mack & Milo Absecon Twin-Over-Twin Solid Wood Bunk Bed

As far as kid bunk beds go, the Mack & Milo twin-over-twin is a well-designed take on the classic. Made from lightly colored pine, this bunk has a modern, clean look with plenty of storage built in the low bunk. The underneath storage drawers also have a recessed handle, so you don’t need to worry about drawer pulls catching your little one’s pajamas or feet. The top bunk also has thick guardrails to prevent any falls. You can find the Mack & Milo bunk online from retailers like Wayfair for $800.

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Best Creative Bunk: Pottery Barn Kids Tree House Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed

Among the best bunk beds for kids is the Pottery Barn Tree House. This one is a bit of a bunk bed splurge, but if you can swing the nearly $3,000 price tag, go for it. This bunk bed has a tree house design for the top bunk with five windows and a ladder in the front and is made from solid pine, available in brown, white, or grey.

The two bunks are twins, with high guardrails for the top and low bunk for the bottom, making this a good choice for kids of any age. This sturdy, creative bunk will last forever (and is better for the price!).

Best Budget Bunk: DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed with Metal Frame

You don’t have to spend a whole lot to get the best deal for bunk beds. The DHP bunk has a full mattress on the bottom and a twin on the top. This simplified yet spacious setup is only $360 on Amazon, and a twin-over-twin version is also available.

The frame colors are available in pink, white, black, or silver, giving you plenty of style options. This metal frame bunk bed is perfect for older kids or even tweens, as the guardrails on the top bunk are a little lower than those designed for young kids.

Best Triple Bunk Bed: Andover Mills Chaim Twin-Over-Twin Triple Bunk

You read that right—a triple bunk bed! Instead of three twins piled on top of each other, this triple bunk has a more modern style with two twins in a traditional bunk design, with the third installed perpendicular, acting as a loft bunk for a desk or storage to go underneath.

For families with multiple kids who want to maximize space, this triple bunk is the ideal solution. The Andover Mills Chaim Triple Bunk is about $800 on Wayfair and is available in espresso, white, grey, or black. Not only is this triple bunk an affordable option, but it’s also a practical one.

Best Bunk for Small Spaces: Harriet Bee Cvyatko Standard Bed

Kid bunk beds are all about utilizing vertical space, but if you’re in a pinch to save on as much room as possible, consider the Harriet Bee Cvyatok Standard Bunk Bed with its low profile and no-nonsense design. This bunk is meant to take up less floor space, and the bottom half is a low bunk, making it a good purchase for young kids, saving them from having to haul themselves up into bed.

This bunk is only $380 on Wayfair, and its price tag isn’t even the best part. You can install these beds as a bunk or as two separate twins for down the road when your kids are older. Plus, it comes in multiple colors and options for bed sizes so you can opt for a full-over-full as well.

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