small bathroom decor ideas

Small Bathrooms Can Be Stylish and Functional Too

Style in Every Square Foot

When it comes to finding inspiring small bathroom decor ideas, you may think that Pinterest is full of them. However, this is not always the case! More often than not, small bathroom decor ideas can be hard to find, as bathroom ideas cater to larger spaces and bigger budgets. We’re here to help you discover some useful ideas for your small bathroom and to show you how to organize and optimize its space to the best of your ability!

Organize and Optimize Your Small Bathroom

Now, before you get into the fun part — obviously, the decorating side of things! — you will need to organize your bathroom into mini sections, all the while optimizing the space. It may sound tricky but do not worry. We’ve got you covered!

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Got You Hooked

Hooks are one of the most successful ways to organize your bathroom. By hanging up linens and towels, you have already cleared a whole lot of floor space. Hooks also add some nice aesthetics to your walls and ensure your towels stay dry. Win-win!

All the Shelves

Shelves are a small bathroom’s best friend for multiple reasons. From wall shelves for your plants and products to over-the-toilet shelves for your toilet paper and room sprays, shelves are the diverse accessory that every small bathroom needs!

Use That Corner

When it comes to small bathrooms, typically, you will not have much under-the-sink storage. Get yourself a stand-alone corner unit that can hold smaller items such as toiletries and books, and make sure it has wheels. It’ll make so much sense, believe us!

Get a Shower Caddy

For those of us who had no idea what the shelf-like thing that often hangs in showers is, it’s known as a shower caddy. It’s ultimately a hanging shelf and holds all of your washing-related products in one neat, little place.

Under-the-Sink Organization

If you can store extra toiletries and makeup under the sink, pick out some mini drawers or plastic organizers to help you keep organized past your initial reorganization process. Label them in categories for extra brownie points!

Decorating Your Small Bathroom

Once you have organized and optimized your small bathroom in the best possible way, the fun begins! It’s time to work on your theme and style accordingly. Keep in mind that the smaller the bathroom space, the more minimalist the styling should be.

Keep it Light

If you are in a position to repaint or put wallpaper up, opt for light and bright tones that will compliment your bathroom and make the whole space feel bigger. Where possible, add a feature wall with a slightly darker paint job — or patterned wallpaper — to add some spice to the room.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Another big decorating option is to have an entire mirror wall. While we appreciate that this is not the most cost-effective option, it is a pretty great one to do if you can! If not, opt for multiple mirrors to dot around your bathroom as they reflect in a way that helps the space feel larger and more dynamic than it is.

Climb That Ladder

A leaning ladder on a wall is the new country-chic way of decorating bathrooms and we are here for it! It brings a little edginess to a smaller space and provides another storage option for your towels and linens — don’t you love some multi-functional décor?

Stools for Thought

In smaller bathrooms, a stool is often added to create some extra surface area. It doubles as a leg-up to those higher shelves you installed and can be a really cute addition to your bathroom’s aesthetic makeup.

Reinvent the Bar Cart

Traditionally, bar carts are designed to hold alcoholic beverages and snacks. But in a bathroom setup, they can be reinvented! Utilize each tier for a specific surface, keeping the top surface for glass bottles, flowers, and soaps that can cheekily resemble a bathroom bar. Your guests will love it when they visit!

Bowl it Up

For smaller items that often get lost in bathrooms, pick up some miniature bowls. While their main purpose is to store jewelry and other removable items, they can also add a dimension to the space that is both fun and playful!

Mason Jar Your Storage

Much like the miniature bowls, mason jars act as a creative way to store small bathroom items that can otherwise get lost or broken. The need for functionality with modernization is a must for any small bathroom, and mason jars will help you do just that. Label them for extra organization down the line!

Let it all Hang Out

Last but not least, put baskets everywhere. We mean it! Hang them from the ceiling, store them under the sink or have them on the vanity; it does not matter. Baskets are the ultimate storage décor item that every small bathroom needs to feel complete!

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