A person picking out a spice from a spice rack.

Kitchen Organization 101: Making the Most Out of Your Space

How to Organize a Kitchen

Organizing our living spaces has become a newfound hobby for the Pinterest era, and to be honest, we are here for it! You might have been scrolling aimlessly through Instagram and saving photo after photo, telling yourself you are going to make your kitchen look that great this weekend. Then this weekend becomes next month, and next month becomes… You get the picture. So, we figured it is time to jump on the bandwagon and join the kitchen organization parade! After all, how hard can it be? Read on to learn how to organize a kitchen!

Organizing a Kitchen

Before we begin, it is worth mentioning that every home (and human!) is different, so be honest with yourself and do what works for you — not just what looks good. Your kitchen needs to feel functional and accessible, with a hint of personal flair to highlight your identity. If you have got that covered, the rest will, literally, fall into place.

Clean Out the Fridge

First things first, let’s clean out the fridge, shall we? We all know those crusty, old cilantro leaves do not need to live in there anymore! Plus, cleaning out the fridge is a great start to reset your thoughts on your kitchen and what you want to change. Be ruthless. Take everything out, get rid of old condiments, and anything else that looks inedible. Give it a good scrubbing and start to organize your fridge in the right way. Keep accessibility in mind and use baskets to store different food groups such as vegetables or dairy products. Having a fridge system is guaranteed to help you enjoy being in your kitchen again!

Clear the Counters

Next up, you need to clear up and make space on your kitchen’s counters. Over time, these surfaces become home to fruit bowls, coffee canisters, spices, mini appliances, and endless cleaning products. It can turn into a real mess. Ultimately, these counters are there for you to prepare food, and it is time for you to take back that space! Clean all your counters down, and find new storage options for the items you have removed. Consider using a cart for specific products or supplies, as it is a great way to free up space, no matter how big or small your kitchen is.

Organize Produce

In addition to your fridge and counter organizations, you will no doubt have a bunch of produce that does not live in the fridge. Food products such as fruits and certain root vegetables require a home of their own — not a drawer where they often get forgotten about! Purchase some hanging baskets to keep your fridge and counter spaces clear and give them the designated home they have always wanted!

Hang Pots, Pans, and Utensils

Possibly the best part of organizing your kitchen is figuring out where the big stuff goes in a potentially small space. The simplest answer is to let it all hang out! There are ample pot rack options for hanging pots and pans, and great magnetic utensil strip choices for various knives and utensils. Having these installed in your kitchen declutters cupboard space and creates a modern twist to your kitchen. It’s a win-win!

Store Cleaning Supplies

A sink caddy is designed to safely store cleaning supplies, making them easily accessible at all times. The space under your sink has got to stop being the filthy space to keep your cleaning supplies (ironic, isn’t it?). A sink caddy is most definitely the solution. They also utilize draining mechanisms and are optimized to hold all of your cleaning supplies in one accessible space.

Get Spicy

Last but most certainly not least, it is time to get spicy! Let’s be honest here; you knew this was coming. The spice cupboard is usually a multi-fragranced mess of space, and it is virtually impossible to remember which spices you have, right? Right! So, it is time to organize your spices into some individually labeled glass containers, all neatly stored on a designated shelf.

How Will You Organize Your Kitchen?

Whether your kitchen is as small as a shoebox or as big as a penthouse, using these organizational tips and tricks is guaranteed to help you feel better working within your kitchen space. There are plenty of ways to help your home feel like yours, and the kitchen is a great way to get started. After all, it is where most families will spend most their time at home! It’s clear how much we all love to socialize around food, and a happy kitchen space can really only mean one thing — happy eating!