Buying a Grill

What to Look for When Buying a Grill

Turn up the Heat this Summer with a New Grill

Do you have a passion for hosting? Is a summer BBQ your favorite type of event? Does the smell of meat and veggies sizzling on a grill make your mouth water?

Instead of waiting for invites to grill sessions this summer, take matters into your own hands by investing in a grill to keep your family and friends happy. But if you’re new to the grilling world (or want to learn more), it’s crucial to know which types of BBQ grill are best for cooking food.

Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve created the ultimate guide of what to look for in your summer grill and where to find some of the most popular models. Let’s dive straight in.

Different Types of Grills


One of the most important things to consider when buying a grill is fuel - the two most common types being propane and natural gas. If you buy a propane gas grill, you can’t use it with natural gas, and vice versa. Using natural gas will require a gas line where your grill is located.

There’s no difference between natural gas and propane gas, so if you don’t have a gas line at the location of your grill, don’t buy a natural gas grill and leave yourself having to buy a natural gas conversion kit.


Cast iron and cast aluminum grill grates have an excellent reputation for retaining heat and providing an even temperature. They provide durability, but only as long as you put time into maintaining them, so they’re not ideal for part-time grillers who don’t have the time to dedicate to keeping a grill in top condition.

Stainless steel grills tend to be cheaper, corrosion-resistant when new, and easy to pick up and move around (cast iron grates are heavy). However, they offer worse heat retention than their cast iron counterparts, and the quality can deteriorate over time.

What Makes a Grill Great?


The material, the thickness of the metal, and the quality of grill parts play a major role in the longevity of your grill - not to mention how well you take care of it. A cast aluminum grill will tend to last longer than a stainless steel grill, but they’re more expensive.

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Despite often costing a little more, it’s worth opting for name-brand grills if durability is a concern instead of store brands. Name brands often have better customer service, replacement brands, and a brand reputation built on high-quality grills to uphold. They might be of better service if your grill has an issue down the line.


There’s no right or wrong size, but it’s definitely something to consider before investing in your grill. If you buy a grill that’s too small, hosting summer grills will take much longer than anticipated, and your cooking will be less efficient.

If you opt for one that’s too big, you might be left without adequate space in your garage or yard to store it. Take measurements before buying a grill to ensure you buy the correct size.


While you shouldn’t waste money on features you’ll never use, some can add extra functionality to a grill. Consider features like a side burner, a rotisserie burner, or cooking services that span multiple levels.

These extra features can not only make your cooking more efficient, but they can also be helpful for other activities, such as roasting chicken that might benefit a summer party. Only invest in a grill with extra features if you’re certain they’ll enhance your experience.


Price is definitely something you want to look at when buying a grill. Try to balance affordability with quality and value for money. If you see a grill that’s large but incredibly cheap, it’s usually cheap for a reason. There are so-called stainless steel grills that have painted steel frames that rust easily.

If you can afford it, opt for a cast iron or cast aluminum option. Otherwise, check online reviews of a stainless steel grill to ensure longevity.

Where to Buy Grills

There are a variety of stores you can check out when buying a grill, with some being more suited to a stricter budget and others selling luxury items. Amazon has various grills and is one of the more affordable places.

Walmart is another great destination for grill shopping, with some of the smaller models coming in at less than $100. Walmart is also home to a range of grill accessories, seasonings, and sauces to ensure you serve up a feast every time you grill.

Lowes offers a variety of grills, including more luxury models - perfect if you want to go above and beyond at your BBQs this summer. The BBQ Depot specializes in grills, and here you’ll find many big-name brands that can help with the longevity of your grill.

The Bottom Line

Having the right grill for your needs has a significant impact on the result of your cooking, so if you want to impress with your BBQ this summer, do your research about which grills offer the best result by checking online reviews.

Buy your grill from a reputable brand that can offer part replacements if necessary, and consider investing in a grill with extra features that can level up your grilling experience. For maximum heat retention, invest in a cast iron grill.

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