A stone firepit in a backyard with lawn chairs in front of it.

Want to Build a Cozy, Outdoor Firepit? Follow These 7 Steps

How to Build Your Own Firepit

Whether you are into getting toasty around the fire or enjoying gooey smores, having a backyard firepit seems like an excellent idea. Many homeowners like you have decided to give this one a try and enhanced their outdoor entertainment area. However, a firepit does not only offer a cozy space for your outdoor entertainment. This simple feature is in high demand, making your home more attractive in the eyes of potential buyers and increasing your home's value.

A firepit will make your home look more expensive without costing much. In this post, we show you how to build your firepit from scratch. Once you go through it, you will make a cozy firepit with simple supplies you can get at your local HomeGoods store. We share helpful information regarding fire safety and firepit codes, so ensure that you don't miss this post!

Fire Safety

  • Place your firepit away from any flammable structures such as fences, bushes, sheds, and even your house. Check your local regulations about the required minimum distance to prevent fire and keep the fume away from your household. You need to have a clear space of 21 feet above the pit and 15-25 feet around in most areas.
  • Count in the property line. The firepit needs to be at least 10 feet away from the border of your property, so be mindful of your neighbors.
  • When the weather is windy, you won't be allowed to light the fire.
  • Burning specific materials releases toxic fumes. Check your local regulations about prohibited materials, such as old furniture, paper, cardboard, plastic, and wooden pallets.
  • Make sure that there are no power lines above the place where you plan to build your firepit.
  • Have fire suppression equipment ready in emergencies, such as a hose, water bucket, sand, or a fire extinguisher.

How to Build Your Firepit

While a firepit will give off high-end vibes, you do not need to spend much money on this DIY project. We provide you with detailed instructions for creating a dreamy outdoor entertainment space that fits your needs.


  • Level
  • Shovel


  • All-purpose sand
  • Retaining wall blocks, around 36
  • Metal firepit ring
  • Pea gravel


  1. Start by planning out the location. As we already mentioned, you need to follow strict rules to prevent any accidents. Find a spot that corresponds to your local firepit codes, away from any structures. Check up with your utility companies to see if there are any utility lines in the spot where you plan to dig.
  2. Determine the right size for the firepit base. You can do this by placing the metal ring with blocks on the sides and marking the spot with a shovel. We recommend a 3 feet diameter firepit to keep everyone close for a chit-chat while still relating to the firepit codes.
  3. Remove the blocks and ring and dig a 7" deep hole that corresponds to the firepit ring.
  4. Lay the bottom with 1" sand and level the surface.
  5. Stack the bricks on the edges and place the metal ring inside.
  6. Cover the bottom with bricks. Cover the gaps with pea gravel for a better look. We recommend dry-stacking, as adhesives can emit toxic fumes.
  7. Stack additional layers of blocks until you reach the desired height.


Before you even decide to build your own firepit, you need to check the fire regulations. Some areas with fire hazards or poor air quality have rigorous rules, so check-up with your local firepit codes. However, fueled firepits might be allowed since they do not emit toxic gases. Get in touch with the local authorities and your homeowner's association to find out more about your state's specific set of rules.

After going through this post, you can quickly build your own firepit with our detailed instructions. If you found this helpful, do not miss our other inspiring ideas!