An above ground pool in a backyard, with flowers around the sides.

7 Ways to Decorate an Above Ground Pool

Above Ground Pool Decorating Ideas

Above ground pools are cost-effective; however, sometimes, they can look a little out of place in your backyard. They tend to come in a steel structure, which doesn't always look the best on its own. We believe that anything can look pretty darn good if you make an effort, and that includes your above-ground pool.

Here are some great decorating ideas you can use to beautify your backyard without making your above ground pool stick out like a sore thumb.

Above Ground Pool with Composite Decking

Composite decking is a popular choice when decorating above-ground pools. It is the go-to option, especially with the possibility to do it yourself at a much cost-efficient budget. With the potential to flush it together seamlessly with the height of the pool, it makes your backyard look much neater and in place.

To avoid costs from adding up, we would highly recommend Trex’s Material Deck Estimator. Complete with a DIY instructional guide, Trex’s range of products also caters to add-ons to construct the ideal above-ground pool of your dreams.

Above Ground Pool with Cabana or Gazebo Kits

Take your composite decking up a notch by incorporating a cabana along with it. Perfect for hangouts, barbecue sessions, or just a space for shelter, constructing your very own cabana doesn’t need to be expensive.

Cabana or Gazebo Kits are readily available in your nearest Home Depot store, so why not give it a go? On the other hand, if you would prefer a beachy, bohemian take instead, overhanging a sunshade canopy can look stunning too.

Add a Mini-Bar

Nothing is more delightful than lounging out in the pool with a glass of your favorite cocktail. Having a mini-bar out in the backyard may seem too far-fetched and a lot of work, but with some handyman and carpentry skills, you can create a bar island right on the side of your pool.

Using the height of your above-ground pool as a guide for your bar table, constructing a table-like structure with supporting legs alongside the curve of your pool should be a manageable task with the proper selection of materials.


A great way to decorate your above-ground pool is with hardscaping. Hardscaping allows you to create long-lasting, “hard” elements within your yard, to add both style and functionality to your outdoor space. Pre-planning with hardscaping goes a long way.

Do you want to create a pathway from your patio to your pool? Or do you want your poo surrounded by hardscape? Either way, hardscaping introduces new elements into your outdoor space, creating depth and interest in a minimal way.


Softscaping goes hand in hand with hardscaping, creating a balance essentially. Softscaping refers to plants in general, and we don’t mean just the existing grass in your backyard. The play of different types of plants such as shrubs and perhaps even trees invites a play of textures and height across.

Research beforehand is ideal as shopping for landscaping elements can be labor-intensive.

Bamboo Fencing

Sometimes simple fencing around your above-ground pool is all it needs to make a significant difference. Enhancing your pool’s exterior surface with bamboo fencing is a fantastic play of affordability with style and minimal effort.

We love projects like these the most when all you need is four materials: bamboo screen, heavy-duty scissors, 14-inch cable ties, and 4-inch cable ties.

Play of Lighting

Night is one of the best times for some lounging sessions in the pool. We often underestimate the power of lighting, but in this case, lighting is the cherry on top, setting the mood and making all your décor efforts worthwhile.

Outdoor string lights hung above and across your above-ground pool can give off a nice, romantic, warm glow. Or, if you’d prefer a more profound statement, go for solar-powered pathway lights.

These lights will automatically turn on in dark environments and turn off in the day, making it super energy efficient and stunning, with shadow casts from these solar lights.

In our opinion, decoration doesn’t need to be expensive or burn a hole in your pocket. There are always ways to create a safe space of your own with some creativity and determination. We hope these ideas and suggestions are helpful for your above-ground decorating project. We wish you all the best and good luck!