A room lined with white bookcases and a white chair in the middle.

Creating Your Own Cozy Book Nook

Reading Corner Ideas

Most reading corners have two familiar things: relaxation and coziness, regardless of design styles. It’s a corner we’d like to spend hours in, with a book in hand, a mug of warm tea on the side, and maybe even a whiff of a delightful aroma.

If a reading corner is something you’ve been hoping to set up, but you’re hesitant on where to begin, you’re in the right place! Here are some cozy reading corner ideas to inspire the designer in you, with a step-by-step guide on getting started.

Consider Your Design Style

Instead of immediately window shopping to gain some inspiration, let’s first take a step back and analyze your design style. Which design style resonates with you? Creating a mood board is a better start as it will give you a clearer sense of objectives and the style that you love the most.

Pinterest and Instagram are our go-to’s with plenty of gorgeous and inspiring content from designers and creatives alike. Start by choosing the color palette that reflects you and your space and pin it down to curate your mood board.

Next, pick out your design style; the best way to do so is to gather interior visuals that personify you the most. Zoom in and identify the little things — the furniture style, the kind of rug, and even something simple like the cushions.

Explore different furniture and accessories that closely match up to it, and voila, you’ve created your very own mood board.

Picking out Your Furniture

In our opinion, a reading corner consists of these basics: shelves for your books, cozy seating, and a side table. We find that breaking it down into these smaller categories makes it less overwhelming. It also helps make shopping or even thrifting for these furniture pieces more manageable and cost-efficient.

As with your inspiration, shopping will be a lot more enjoyable and exciting with your mood board.


If your space allows for it, built-in bookshelves would be perfect for your reading corner nook. Still, wall-mounted shelves and bookcases work just as well and are the more common budget-friendlier options.

We love wall-mounted shelves. It’s the option we are inclined to as there is more room for customization and storage space. The mix and match of shelves and wall brackets may also provide a stylistic approach and depth to your reading corner.

Here are some wall-mounted shelving options we love:


There are a couple of options when choosing the ideal seating — a built-in settee, a daybed, an armchair, or a bean bag. These choices are pretty much dependent on your space and the nature of how you’d like your seating.

Too comfy, and you might just end up having short naps (that’s okay, too!), or if too sturdy, it might just be a tad too uncomfortable, and you find yourself not using the space as often as you’d like.

Take your time when choosing the perfect seating. Don’t forget that you always have your mood board when things get tough to decide!

Some lovely pieces of seating we adore:

Side Tables

In our opinion, a side table is a must-have in your cozy reading corner. It gives you space to place your steamy mug of hot chocolate, a scented candle, perhaps a planter for a pop of green, and it also acts as a way to add some height.

It may seem like a bit of an addition, but this may just be one of the reasons you’d like to stay and read in a little longer because you have everything you need in one spot.

Timeless side tables that can fit any style:

Cushions and Rugs

Cushions and rugs are everything when it comes to creating that cozy and relaxing ambiance in your reading corner. Pick out a cushion that can complement your seating for extra comfort.

On the other hand, rugs are a great way to section off your corner nook significantly from the rest of your space. The choice of rug design is entirely up to you.

Still, since a reading nook is supposedly a calm and relaxing space, a minimal patterned tufted rug is our best choice. You can seldom go wrong with a round rug.

Some rugs you may love:


Lighting is that cream of the crop. For some of us, reading is the most productive late at night or during the wee mornings, and a warm, yellow light just seals the deal. Choose a lighting fixture that is suitable to cast light, particularly over your book when reading.

The last thing you would want is lighting that isn’t bright enough for a corner meant for that. A sleek wall lamp or a floor lamp is the best way to incorporate lighting while, at the same time, adding a touch of height to balance your corner.

Lighting that you may love:

There you have it, now your reading corner should be pretty much complete! Creating a space of your own shouldn’t be a hassle or be deemed as challenging.

Instead, it can be an enjoyable discovery process as you figure out your style and find the pieces that portray you. Check out our other articles for more step-by-step inspirations to help you create your dream home.