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All You Need to Know About Overstock Patio Furniture

Get Your Backyard Ready for Spring

If you can dream it, Overstock has it. The vast, sprawling site offers an expanse in the way of patio furniture. With spring already here and summer rapidly approaching, it’s about time to refresh your outdoor space. Overstock patio furniture are great to complete your outdoor space; let's take a look at what you can find.

Patio Furniture Sets

Are you looking to fill your outdoor space from scratch without breaking the bank? Overstock could be the ideal solution for you. On Overstock, you can find a 9-piece outdoor furniture set for $1,765, which includes a sectional couch and accompanying outdoor sofa. Find a 5-piece Rattan sectional sofa for under $400, and for smaller spaces, you can find a 4-seater patio furniture set for $800.

Outdoor Dining Tables

Overstock has an expansive inventory of outdoor dining tables and outdoor dining sets—all for a reasonable price. For example, if you want a more durable material for your outdoor dining table, you can find a 7-piece dining table with 6 swivel rocking chairs in powdered-coated cast aluminum for $1,725.

Outdoor Bistro Sets

Do you need to fill a small spot in your outdoor space? Check out the outdoor bistro sets. Bistro sets typically include a pair of chairs for outdoor seating and a small table that serves two people. Overstock sells these 3-piece outdoor furniture sets for as low as $100. Higher-end models that are comprised of high-quality wicker can run about $2,700 but often go on sale.

Outdoor Seating

Overstock offers plenty of sizing, style and pricing options when it comes to outdoor seating. Whether you’re searching for a pair of Adirondack chairs or a large outdoor sectional sofa, you can find what you’re looking for on their site. A set of two Adirondack chairs will run about $260 (on sale), a large 3-piece outdoor seating sectional can cost $2,780 and a pair of polywood chaise loungers with a side table will run about $700. You can also find outdoor rocking chairs for about $230 and zero-gravity lawn chairs for under $100.

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The Good

There are a few advantages to shopping at Overstock versus another online retailer:

-Overstock Mastercard: If you’re constantly on the hunt for furniture, then it could be a good idea to sign up for the Overstock Mastercard. You’ll get 5% back in rewards, which on top of their ongoing sales and free shipping, can save you money. The Overstock Mastercard also offers special financing for those big purchases.

-Free Shipping: Shipping can get insanely expensive, especially when purchasing furniture sets and outdoor furniture. Overstock offers free shipping on all U. S. orders within the lower 48 states.

-ClubO Membership: There are two different membership tiers with Overstock. One will cost $20 yearly and earn you 5% on all Overstock purchases. The premium membership is free when you sign up for the Overstock Mastercard and will earn you 5% on all Overstock purchases, 3% at department stores, 2% on gasoline and 1% everywhere else. Memberships are free to veterans, first responders and students. If you’re buying a lot of outdoor patio furniture, either option is a good idea to save in the long run.

The Bad

An honest look at Overstock also addresses its downsides:

Limited Brands: Overstock works by partnering up with marketplace sellers. Overstock functions as a platform for these vendors to sell their products directly to consumers. These partnerships, despite being able to offer a spread of products, do end up limiting the overall variety in styles.

Difficulty in Addressing Concerns or Issues: Because of how Overstock is set up with various vendors, it makes it difficult to address concerns or problems with their products. You’ll need to contact the marketplace seller directly, making it a bit of a roadblock and an extra step on your end.

Differing Return Policies: Marketplace products will all be subject to their return policies. Again, this is because of how Overstock works with individual vendors across the site. For you, the consumer, this is especially frustrating should you need to return a product and cannot count on a unified return policy.

Buying from Overstock

Overstock offers many outdoor seating and outdoor furniture sets at a reasonable price, even without diving into their membership and rewards program. The main disadvantage in buying all of your outdoor furniture from Overstock is that should you need to return something or experience a problem, it can be difficult to resolve the issue because you’ll need to contact the marketplace seller directly, not Overstock; this makes customer service a challenge.

However, if you’re after a good deal, Overstock is the right place to start. If you’re looking to not invest a whole lot in your outdoor furniture and need a basic starter outdoor furniture set, then Overstock can be of service.