A living room, with a bright blue wall that has a TV mounted in the middle of it.

Low Budget? No Problem! Home Décor is Still Possible

3 Easy Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Home decorating is something we’re firm believers in. We’re glad that home decorating is growing in popularity these days, not only because it makes a space pleasing but also because it provides a form of happiness in some ways.

Coming home to a space that speaks to you is like receiving a warm, comforting hug after a long day. Everyone needs a space that provides some tranquility and solace.

The beauty of home decorating is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. The ability to make a difference in your space on a budget is possible, especially with a bit of creativity, and sometimes, hands-on work. To help, here are some home decorating tips on a budget that will spruce up your home in no time.


We know this is a self-explanatory one, but wait until you see the amazing possibilities that painting can offer. We love painting as it is one of the easiest ways to add a pop of color while creating a feature in your home.

All you need is the paint color of your choice, a roller or paintbrush, and some basic tools you already have at home.

Here are two budget-friendly painting ideas to help you start on your home decorating journey:

Painted Headboard

We’re so in love with this project. It's almost like a 2-in-1 feature, and it doesn’t take much time or effort. Painting a feature headboard is creativity at its best: you save money, it is versatile, and it is an instant feature in your room.

Inspired by Geneva Vanderzeil, she shows a step-by-step guide on the how-to's to create this beautiful minimal headboard with a modern twist, an arch. With arches being an ongoing trend that is seamless on its own, this project will be worth your time and effort.

What you’ll need:

  • String
  • Pencil
  • Nail and hammer
  • Roller or paintbrush
  • Wall paint color of your choice or existing wall paint

A Circle Feature Wall

With extra wall paint in hand from the initial project, it only makes sense to play around with it. If you think your living area lacks some focus and contrast, this affordable and easy project may just be the solution.

A circle feature wall adds a pop of color, creates visual interest, and is especially ideal if you would like a corner to stand out. If you need some guidance to paint a circle on your wall, here’s a great step-by-step walkthrough.

What you’ll need:

  • String
  • Pencil
  • Tape
  • Roller or paintbrush
  • Wall paint color of your choice or existing wall paint

Furniture Facelift

Sometimes all you need to spruce up your space is a furniture upgrade. No, we don’t mean shopping for new furniture pieces (though that is tempting!). Instead, improvise on what you already have at home, or thrift it (sometimes you may find it even for free, especially if you look on Facebook Marketplace).

Here are two easy ways to give your furniture an uplift on a budget.

Changing Hardware

This is super easy and almost self-explanatory, and can elevate your existing furniture pieces, such as your dresser or bedside table, with new knobs and pulls. Depending on the look you’re going for, you may opt for timeless designs or modern, decorative ones.

It may seem like a slight difference, but trust us, the smaller details can sometimes make a more significant impact.

Changing Furniture Legs

Are you looking to take things up a notch? Pretty Pegs offers a wide range of charming furniture leg designs specifically made to provide a different option to standard Ikea furniture. Add a personal twist to complement your home’s overall style.

From trendy to timeless, it comes with a do-it-yourself instruction manual that makes it conveniently easy to install. Pair it together with a change in hardware, and your transformed furniture may just be the accent piece your space is missing.

Adding Greens

Plants can add a breath of fresh air into your home, quite literally. Incorporating plants not only beautifies your home but also purifies it at the same time. They cut down on toxins and improve your air quality.

Plants also add balance, with it being a subtle form of visual separation between areas.

Choice of Plants

The choice of plants matters in this case as they’re meant to add life, height, and depth in some instances. Play with different kinds of plants.

Try some that are huge enough to act as a gorgeous statement piece on their own or ones that can hang from the ceiling. Or try a combination of a few on your shelf to create that visually attractive "shelfie."

Leaf Supply is a must-have book for more information on the types of plants you should get for your home.

Pots, Planters, and Plant Stands

Pots, planters, and plant stands are must-haves when you intend to incorporate plants into your home. Most plants come in a standard terracotta style pot which is lovely, but we think you can add more fun and character with stylish pots.

All Modern has a stunning range of pots and planters for every style, but our favorite would have to be plant stands. With various heights in metal or wood, this will add a sleek modern charm to your home while adding some visual height at the same time.

In Conclusion

Have we convinced you that there are plenty of home decorating ideas on a budget that you can accomplish? These three home décor ideas are easy to kick-start with, and we hope that you will.

The quicker you take action and put in the continuous effort to complete a project, the closer you are to your own space of tranquility and solace, so why wait?