couple sleeping in one of the best duvets and comforters

Best Duvets and Comforters to Keep You Cozy

Enjoying a Good Night's Sleep

You want the best when it comes to your duvets and comforters, right? A third of your life is spent sleeping, so why not make it a comfortable one? Here’s what to look For:

Filler Material: Duvets and comforters are typically filled with animal down like goose or duck, but gaining popularity thanks to anti-animal cruelty consumerism are down-alternative fibers like polyester. Companies must follow Responsible Down Standards in manufacturing these alternative fibers. Depending on your preference, look to the labeling to see if the comforter or duvet is an animal down or down alternative.

Filler Power: Too poufy, too flat, or just right? Comforters and duvets have a fill power, which refers to the amount of down used inside—measured in cubic inches. A higher fill power will mean that the duvet will be fluffier and lighter weight while still providing warmth. A basic fill power for an “entry-level” comforter would be in the 600-700 ranger. You might see the same comforter being offered in different fill power ranges from certain manufacturers.

Best Goose Down Comforter

L. L. Bean Permabaffle Box Goose Down Comforter

L. L. Bean is known for well-made and long-lasting products, and their take on the comforter is no different. One of the best comforters around, the Permabaffle Box Goose Down is durable and made for a good night’s sleep, guaranteed to keep you warm throughout the night. This cozy comforter keeps its shape with a soft exterior. Bonus points include the comforter being hypoallergenic and available in multiple sizes (twin, full, queen, and king). This comforter runs for about $500 and is available online for purchase.

Best Budget Comforter

Utopia Bedding Down Alternative Comforter

Are you looking for cozy comforters that won’t break the bank? Look no further than the $30 down alternative comforter available on Amazon or Walmart. Although with this budget comforter, you might not get the warmth that a higher-end comforter offers, you’ll still be able to choose from multiple sizes and colors while enjoying big savings. The Utopia Bedding Down Alternative Comforter is machine washable and has a perk of corner tabs for a duvet cover.

Best Overall Duvet Cover

Buffy Cloud Comforter

The Buffy Cloud Comforter is here to give you better sleep and keep you cozy throughout the night with its ultra–smooth down alternative fiber filler that’s hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. The comforter costs about $200, and Buffy offers a seven-day trial period if you don’t love it. The company strives for sustainable manufacturing and will ship from the factory to your doorstep to undercut its carbon footprint.

Related Products

Best Down Duvet

Parachute Down Duvet

For one of the best duvets covers around, check out the Parachute Down Duvet; it’s lightweight without sacrificing a cozy and fluffy feeling. The Parachute Down Duvet has a sateen cotton shell and is filled with high-quality down that follows Responsible Down Standard’s strict humane standards. The duvet also comes with a five-year warranty and the ability to toss the duvet in the wash on a delicate cycle instead of worrying about dry cleaning only. It runs about $280—not a bad deal for a certified down duvet.

Best Cooling Comforter

The Buffy Breeze Comforter

The eucalyptus shell makes this comforter one of the best around for a cool night’s sleep. Breathable and lightweight, the Buffy Breeze is rated high for hot sleepers looking to help regulate their body temperature throughout the night. Made by Buffy, their Cooling Comforter is about $60 more than their Buffy Breeze Comforter and will give you even more of a lightweight feel. You’ll also get to enjoy the same trial period and a generous return policy.

Best Down Alternative

Linenspa All-Season Down Alternative Quilted Comforter

If we're talking best duvets and comforters, then we can't foget the Linenspa Down Alternative Microfiber Comforter is surprisingly affordable, smartly constructed, and customizable. It has a down alternative fill comprised of microfiber, perfect for those looking for something hypoallergenic. The comforter has a two-sided color option, so you’ll never get tired of the style. It’s a solid choice for under $50, but the comforter tends to wrinkle easily.

Best Splurge Comforter

Pottery Barn Belgian Flax Linen Waffle Comforter

“Splurging” and Pottery Barn go hand-in-hand, but Pottery Barn’s products are always worth the big bucks as their items are high-quality, long-lasting, and luxurious. Made from top-end materials, the Belgian Flax Linen Comforter comes in thirteen color options—all are timeless choices bound to elevate your interior décor. The comforter has a box stitch design to keep the fill in place but also gives it a well-made look so that you don’t feel obligated to use a duvet cover on top. The comforter is reversible and machine washable, priced at $220.

Best Lightweight Comforter

Nestwell Light Warmth White Down Full/Queen Comforter

With a soft cotton shell and a duck-down filler, the Nestwell Comforter brings you a lightweight feel with plenty of cuddly warmth. The box design keeps the filling in place and has corner loops to secure a duvet cover if you choose to use one. It’s relatively expensive at $220, but you won’t be short on a luxurious feel. A small downside is that the comforter is dry clean only. Nestwell is a Bed, Bath, & Beyond brand and has a 90-day trial period to allow plenty of time to decide.